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The Safety Institute is dedicated to build a safety culture in New Jersey by providing information and education to both citizens and governmental officials. A non-profit organization, the Institute assists communities, schools, and counties expand their safety programs. Any public entity may use these materials for non commercial purposes. 

NEWS and Recent Additions:

Since 2000, the accident fatality rate in the United States increased 40%, reversing a long term trend.  Accidental poisonings caused by the opioid epidemic jumped from 12,700 in 2000 to 64,600 in 2017.  During the same period, fatal slips and falls increased from 12,600 to 35,000 and fatal pedestrian accidents went from 5,900 to 7,400. The Institute's Community Safety Leadership Tool Box addresses these issues.  Contact the Institute for copies. 

Pedestrian accidents are a continuing concern to local elected officials, especially here in New Jersey.
The Institute’s video, “Walk the Walk” discusses how a community can address this problem.  

The dramatic increase in senior citizen accidents is another major concern for local officials:
The Institute’s new video, “Smart Moves to Avoid Falling Down” addresses this trend.  The Institute also released a PowerPoint presentation for senior groups.

A special program to reduce back injuries for police, fire and other first responders is now available:
The Institute’s website includes “Safe Patient Lifting for Emergency Responders" to train employees how to deal with real life situations.

Local government has become a frequent target of cyber criminals:
The Institute’s website also includes a new video on cyber security.

Howard Spencer, a long-time member of the NJ Safety Institute, has started a guest column, “Howard Talks Tech” for this web site.  In 2019, he was recognized as "Safety Professional of the Year" by the National Public Sector division of the American Society of Safety Engineers at the ASSE conference in Denver, CO.